Focused Ministry
  Sept 17 - Nov 18, 2017
On September 17, 2017, our church started a program called Focused Ministry.  For nine weeks we will be promoting prayer and organizing prayer meetings where we will ask God what he wants CFC to focus our ministries on.

The nine weeks of prayer began with a special Sunday morning service (on Sept 17) where Elton DaSilva, Executive Director for the Manitoba MB Conference, outlined the program and spoke about what it means to pray for God’s direction.
During these nine weeks of prayer, we are being encouraged to pray in various ways and places.  We are praying together as a church, as families, in our small groups, as individuals, on prayer walks through our communities, and in a 24 hour prayer chain.  To stay focused in our prayers, we are following a Bible based Prayer Guide that has been prepared specifically for this season of prayer.  The Prayer Guide includes a journal to record what we think God is saying to us.
After the nine weeks of prayer, from November 17-18, our Leadership Board, Congregational Care Team, Ministry Coordinators, and Elton DaSilva will meet to discern the direction God is calling us to go.  This direction will then be presented to the congregation for affirmation.

Please see the nine week prayer calendar for meeting dates, bring along a copy of the Prayer Guide , and join us for this focused season of prayer.
Pastor Bob
and the Leadership Board